Monday, February 1, 2010

julia child's beef bourguignon!

ok, so i did it! i conquered the beast of julia child's infamous beef bourguignon.
the process was very fun, and scott and i got some good laughs in.
we had to keep re-reading the directions to make sure we were staying on track because there are 10,000 steps.
the ingredients weren't too bad either. nothing isn't available at a grocery store, so that's a plus!
we took lots of pictures to document this momentous occasion, so here we go!

the recipe!

maggie just hung out while we cooked :)

scott cut the veggies.

boiled (yes, boiled) bacon, anyone?

the bacon rind, yum yum.

cooking the bacon. it smoked and definitely gave the house a smell. ha.

pile of raw meat, mmm tasty.
flippin that meat, so much meat.

red wine that goes in the recipe!

halfway there!

in the oven, for three hours.

browning the pearl onions.

....aaaand dun dun dun dun!

beef bourguignon!!

ok, so there you go. i did it, and you should try it too!
you feel super accomplished once you finish and it tastes delicious.
definitely dedicate at least half of day in order to do it all, between reading and preparing all the ingredients, but it's so worth it!


sarah said...

katie, you look beautiful! and that dinner looks delicious! i hope to be able to make that same meal one day :) i'm glad you and scott had such a great time cooking together!

skatieperdue said...

thanks sarah :) you should make it for your family one night, they'd like it!