Thursday, February 4, 2010

scott and i are running in the gate river run 15k in march!
we have been training for it for a few weeks now and we are up to 5 miles.
the last time i ran this i was in the 7th grade.
if i don't beat my time, i might throw myself off the hart bridge.
not really, that's dramatic, but i'd feel pretty lame.
i was 13, come on...
ashley, fly down from chicago and run it with us!
it'll help prepare you for your marathon! come on come on!!


millie said...

i'm so proud! maybe next year i will be ready to run it, too.

ashalston said...

oh my gosh! i would LOVE to! that would be so much fun! when is it?? you will do GREAT. just pace yourself!

skatieperdue said...

it's march 13! you should come for a long weekend :) pleaaaaase!!