Friday, February 5, 2010

shout out to ashley!



ashalston said...

hahaha i freaking LOVE you! i loved this.... it made my year, yes year. i am so darn excited to do this video. kickboxing.... something i never thought that i would attempt. and pilates... i wouldn't say that i DO pilates. i ATTEMPT pilates! oh and you are gorgeous and i miss you and i need your dog. and yes, i will look like that after kickboxing. i will be passed out on the couch, the house will be in disarray and zoey will be dancing around naked. awesome. i'm excited. love you stinky!

skatieperdue said...

HAHAH my favorite part about this was thinking about you passed out and zoey dancing around nakers. video it for me!!

Teri Andrea said...

silly katie, i'm commenting all over your blog today... :) if you need a back-up for your video i know where to find one! also, you do know that melissa has a video already, right?! i bet she's in a leotard and tights with leg warmers - wouldn't that be amazing!!