Friday, March 19, 2010

running and bread should go hand in hand i think....

this past weekend scott and i participated in the largest 15k in the united states!
the gate river run!
9.3 miles and the last mile being the "green monster" aka largest bridge in the city.
perfect end to an already long run.
but we did it, and we survived.
the best moment was running down the bridge and down the exit ramp
because downhill is always better than uphill
plus you got a nice cold beer as a reward for the torture.
anyway, now our next goal is a half marathon and we are considering the one Disney is hosting in October which they pair with the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.
plus the run is at night, and that's fun right?

this is the oatmeal honey wheat bread that i made last night.
i wish you could taste it because it is so so delicious.
it's the perfect balance of flavors and its so moist.
scott and i had to force ourselves to bag it up last night because we wanted to keep lathering on the butter and slicing away.
i got the recipe from darby here.
i urge you to make this bread immediately but be prepared to desire the entire loaf after one little itsy bitsy taste.


Wilson Family said...

Great job on the run! That's awesome. And nice job on the bread too... It looks DELICIOUS! My mouth is actually watering. Maybe I should run... ;)

ashalston said...

CONGRATS!!! I love that you did this race! We are totally going to run a race together one day and I can't wait!!