Tuesday, March 23, 2010

who do donuts have to be so freaking good?

i have this problem with meandering around food blogs late at night.
this results in late night baking.
nothing healthy comes out of this, i assure you.
i wish i could say, oh i made this great broccoli and spinach whole wheat tart.
donuts fried in canola oil baby.
ever heard of the pioneer woman?
she is quite a lady i tell you. i admire her. i do.
she lives on a farm, and she does all the farmly things a wife of a real cowboy would do.
she rounds up cattle, but not in a hick-i have no teeth-i don't bathe kind of way.
she is a mom, a funny lady, and she is a seriously good cook.
it's not the healthy kind of cooking though, its the full fat don't skimp on the butter kind of cooking. all or nothing.
on nights like last night, this caught my attention and then i saw a picture of her "perfectly glazed donuts."
she said they are non-caloric. don't believe her for a second.
she also said they will melt in your mouth and anyone you give them to will want to praise you for the days to follow. who doesn't want a little praise every now and then?
so i went to making the dough before bed last night and finished them off this morning in a pot full of hot fatty oil.
result? delicious freshly glazed warm donuts for breakfast with a cold glass of milk.
you should've come over...

this is Scott's "special" donut....

so if you wanna embark on a little adventure i urge you to try these suckers.
they are YUM.


Wilson Family said...

Holy crap. Those look SO good! My mouth is literally watering. Thanks for flinging that craving on me! ;)

ashalston said...

I am totally making those donuts. Better yet, you come here and make them for me. I'm with Ang, literally watering mouth, drooling over here. Thanks.