Sunday, April 25, 2010

weekends should last forever.

don't i wish sometimes? this weekend was just one of those fun and relaxing ones that you never want to end. the weather was really great, kathleen and i went thrifting and scored big time, had a movie night and then a cookout with friends. it was just so fun and i don't want it to end. but i suppose it must. life goes on and monday comes without me asking it to, rude.

here's a recap in pictures:
(sorry, they got all jumbled and i don't feel like switching them back)

samson, maggies boyfriend.

duncan, the 150lb great dane that sat on scotts lap.



maggie loves the boys.

espresso from our new espresso maker. it was yummy.

church outfit (kathleen wanted to see the ensemble)

the dogs chased each other through this deep puddle for like an hour at least.

such a fun weekend!


Wilson Family said...

Cute pictures... Looks like a great weekend! I love your church ensemble. Very stylish! I want it.

kathleen said...

oh thanks wilson family! haha katie, you forgot to mention what a STEAL those boots were! 4 dolares!

skatieperdue said...

i know, i did totally forget...
maybe i'll just do a whole post on the awesome finds, period.