Saturday, April 24, 2010

friends and bologne.

you know how i really love to remember the good ole days of my youth? well when hanging out with our friends, the insalacos, we all did it together, reminisced that is.
kathleen loved bologne, gross i don't know how. scott loved little debbies and jeff ate lunch from the cafeteria pretty much everyday. i loved vienna sausages, you know those little hot dogs that come in a can? i know, repulsive if you ask me but hey. i also loved capri sun and nutter bars.
the little things in life that pleases a 7 year old. i guess sometimes you just gotta go with it.
this conversation was sparked by our watching of jamie olivers "Food Revolution" on abc.
have you seen it? what he is doing is pretty incredible if you think about it. he's taking on quite a task of getting wholesome foods into schools as opposed to processed.

anyway, here's a recap in photos.




delicious vanilla almond pound cake.

my amazing wonderful perfect handsome best friend of a husband.

hahahaha, that's gross. i do love him though.

a certain toddler took a handful of pound cake when none of the adults were around :)

perfect spring dinner.

kathleen cut his winter pajamas to make them fit for summer and we kept the scraps and made him dance around haha.

aren't they cute?

oh yeah, and there was homemade cinnamon whip cream to add on top.
all of this was sugar and calorie free so no worries!

it's been a fun weekend thus far and it's only saturday!


kathleen said...

you love us! we love you! i look gross! i think my kid is soo cute! see you in a few!

Sarah said...

I just adore Jackson. He literally is the coolest kid and I don't even know him. Food looked great :) glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. Love/miss you!

millie said...

vienna sausages? i would not have guessed that. like scott, i too was really into little debbies. i especially liked the two pack of brownies that came with the colored little chocolate chips on top.yumm.

sarah said...

oh how i miss you all!

my nephews like those vienna sausages, they kind of gross me out though haha

gushers and fruit roll-ups were definitely a favorite of mine! i'm glad you all are having such a wonderful weekend!