Friday, April 23, 2010

kevin and woodfire grille!

scott and i went to atlanta recently for a meeting we had to attend for work so we decided to try Kevin Gillespie from Bravo's Top Chef famous restaurant in Buckhead, Woodfire Grille.
we almost got to meet him but he was running off to be on a conference call so we were pretty bummed, but he did sign a menu for us! here's a little photo recap.

here's a little photo recap of life recently....

sometimes when my anthropologie catalogue comes i get depressed. ha.

scott bought some seeds so we could grow wildflowers and here is the little dirt section they'll hopefully bloom from. we'll see. they cost a dollar from the dollar section at Target. My husband is so frugal.

we bought basil and rosemary! aren't they huge? i was sick of plucking off all the leaves from the $2 ones i was buying from Publix. This one was $12 and it's like 5 times the size of the little ones I'd been buying!

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kathleen said...

i like you. and your basil plant. and you are so stylin, you dont even need anthro.