Sunday, April 11, 2010

welcome home, it's not christmas anymore.

promise you won't judge me after you see what's been hanging on my door for the last 5 months.
yeah, we're those people. i guess you could equate us to the people who take 9 months to take down their christmas lights on their house.
when my parents visited last weekend, the first thing my mom said was
"oh, still celebrating christmas are we?"

at least it jingles when you walk in right?

so i found a tutorial on MADE on making a homemade wreath.

so i thought i would try it for myself and change it up a bit.
i will tell you though, this is quite a time consuming project.
you are also liable to get burned 747 times by the glue gun like i did.
(picture of blistered knee below)
and you feel like your eyes are crossing from staring at the pattern for hours.

about halfway through!
i needed a giant sweet tart to spark my brain after a couple hours.
blistered knee! small but painful haha
the final product! i decided to spray paint it blue and that's an ivory ribbon with it.
i figured this color can take us through spring and summer.
here is the cost of the project:

wreath: $4 from Michaels
lima beans: 2 bags at $2/bag from Publix
ribbon: $4 from Michaels but you can find it cheaper cause i went back today and it was 60% off!
spray paint: ~$6 from Michaels (mine was leftover from a previous project)
.....and you'll need a hot glue gun!

anyway, if you're looking to spruce up your door you should try it. just devote a good bit of time and try not to burn any appendages off.


millie said...

yikes! i think burning your appendages sounds like it is so not worth it! maybe that's just me though.

kathleen said...

can i just say hallelujah! and soo cute little crafty lady.

Wilson Family said...

Very very cute!!! I love the color blue you chose.. So bright and cheery. And what?! Giant sweet tarts?? They still make those??? Oh boy, I can feel a wal-mart run coming on.

skatieperdue said...

uh yeah go grab you some of those suckers. they are awesome. just check the date, mine were crunchy? pretty sure that's not how they are intended to taste, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.