Wednesday, May 19, 2010

we'll im here, and im alive.
we've arrived in miami and this is our home here.
we'll be here for 6 weeks!
we're just enjoying being with staff friends and hanging out before students arrive.
miami is another country. if you've never been here before it's a tad bit of a culture shock.
this isn't the south but that's ok.
hopefully everyone is enjoying summer. the humidity and heat is full on here in florida.
you who haven't experienced that life sucking weather yet, take advantage of the cool breeze.
it's killer down here.

ps. im hoping to see jlo while i'm here. word on the street is she has a house here.
so does will smith. either one will do, but i really love jlo.
....waiting for tonight....oOoh.


millie said...

j.lo! wow, that would really be amazing for you!

skatieperdue said...

i know, a dream come true, really.