Tuesday, June 8, 2010

life is...

fill in the blank right? i'm sure everyone can at this point. maybe tomorrow it will change for you. today for me, life is all about change. i feel like i finally get my grip on understanding one thing, and then something new is brought into the light and i have to start asking questions all over again. this isn't complaining, this is processing. i think this comes with age and life circumstances but i want to be anchored in Christ when i feel this way. i'm asking myself a lot of questions and i'm feeling a lot of different emotions, and i don't want to let emotion dictate my attitude or my overall outlook on life that day.

i want idols to be stripped. materialism, myself, my desires. instead of advancing myself, i want to advance Him. i want people and souls to matter more than cars, my house, clothing or the new iphone. that stuff is meaningless. pure meaningless.

miami is like the mecca of all things materialism. more women have boob jobs in this city than the amount i've seen in my entire life. radio advertisements consist of $400 liposuction and every billboard is telling me how fast and how cheap i can lose that 30 lbs.
i've never been around such "stuff" yet such a miserable city.

i want my significance to be found in him. i want my worth to be rooted in who he created me to be.

this is my prayer.

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