Saturday, July 10, 2010

life has resumed...kind of.

i'm in Virginia right visiting Emily! Scott is bored out of his mind in Jacksonville waiting for my return. Then we will venture back to tallahassee.
summer is so fun but so busy at the same time. summer project definitely helped relax and refresh us but then we were only home 5 days before going back to jacksonville to celebrate the 4th and catch a flight to VA.
oh well, that's what its all about right?
we went blueberry picking today. let me tell you what...that is an affordable and fun way to get lots of blueberries! i got roughly two pounds for under $5. that's cheap!

now we're at demolition coffee in the heart of petersburg. tonight we're going into the big city of richmond to have dinner and go to a movie in an old historic theatre! i'm excited to see this theatre. it's been restored to its original condition from the 1920's. so fun!

off to enjoy the trip...

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sarah said...

wish i could be there with you girls! have so much fun! :)