Saturday, July 17, 2010

cupcakes and zucchini.

strange combination. i followed a recipe that incorporates this veggie into vanilla cupcakes. i've always wanted to see how well the flavor of a vegetable in a sweet glorious dessert can be masked. they are cooking away in my oven at the moment. i'll review after eating one.

scott and i have been enduring "hell week." minus this cupcake i'll be eating here in a sec to kick off our mad men marathon, we haven't eaten any excess sweets or snacks since thursday and plan on continuing to do so until next thursday. sort of a detox-get the crap out-cleanse this bod of mine week. i'll also review this next week. so far, i'm starving. but it's fine. sort of.

also, a couple days ago i made home made nutri grain bars. they are so so good. i enjoy a good boxed, peel the wrapper back nutri bar as much as the next girl, but gosh darnit, these are better. the crunchy topping makes them hard to resist. the only thing keeping me from eating the whole pan is a piece of foil and lemme tell you, that stuff is weak. not really :) only a little at breakfast! remember, hell week? nothing in excess!! bahhhh, i hate/love you scott for doing this to me.

do you know who i really missed while in miami? ina garten...yep, i've missed her soothing voice and consistently blue attire, not to mention her french inspired, buttery sugary cuisine. today, a perfect french dinner party? invite me over Ina!!

scott and i are about to start watching season 1 and 2 of mad men before the premiere of season 4 next week. we are skipping season 3 cause we already did a synopsis.

enjoy your saturday.


millie said...

mad men!!! is scott hooked yet? i can't believe betty is really marrying henry francis!

skatieperdue said...

i know!! scott is hooked, we've been watching season 1! i can't believe it either, i'm surprised she's going through with it!

sarah said...

where do you find your recipes for granola bars? they always sound really good :)