Friday, August 6, 2010

it truly is an understatement to say that friends really are good for my soul. last weekend i got to spend time with my great friends in destin and it was so relaxing, full of laughing and delicious chocolate cake that i would have bathed in if that weren't awkward. i wasn't there for very long unfortunately but the time i was there was so fun! here's some pictures to recap:

the allie grace.


linds :) not so fond of photo ops.

maggie didn't come with me but she is just so darn cute and i love her so much that she deserves to be on my blog anytime i want.

ag, elaine and lindsay....let's make that a tradition shall we?


Ali Grace said...

Awww yes, a tradition! And I LOVE your blog. Your way cool, Katie Perdue!!

Wilson Family said...

Looks like a blast! I miss the beach... You got some great pictures!

Things of the Mill said...

She has my name! Weird.

ashalston said...

I wish I had some girl friends... that's unfortunately a negative. I'll just live through yours. Looks like you had fun though!